-Varun Garg


Appertaining as nature is conceivably,

Perhaps eavesdropping my mood.

For it starts raining heavily,

And agony being resembled,

Persuading to engrave my sorrow.


As clouds enshroud the sky,

Memories made mists swarm my mind.

There are thunderclaps; up and high,

Cause of crusade of the souvenirs,

I stand deserted and disgraced.


Next starts raining; heavy and inferior,

Replicating emotions’ crests and troughs.

And when it all turns to be better,

The rendezvous too departs,

For their arrival again very soon.








…And I will always love you

-Rohan Nath



I made vows to never depart away from her
But alas! Yesterday was her last day with me
Oh! How I wish fate would travel as I prefer
Constantly listening to me and voluntarily agree

I sat right next to her as she suffered
Suffered from the merciless disease
That smote her with a rusty sword
Sword that brought her down to her knees

I looked at her hopeless wrinkled appearance
Her flowing tresses have now lost its dye
She gave me a weak smile as I glanced
My conscience can’t smile but just sigh

I grasped her hand while she laid on the bed
Motionless like a leaf on a flowing rivulet
Her existence now hangs on a fragile thread
How deeply desire to own a time controller with reset!

Its been an amazing adventure staying with her
We occasionally argued but it didn’t proceed long
And for ever and a day cherished each other
For our love is eternal and
exceptionally strong

The white blank sheets on which I inscribe
Requests me not to drench them with tears
While the brutal Death looks at me and gibes
But I know life goes on and I
shouldn’t fear

Because I still treasure your golden memories
Deep down within my mind I still got the views
Reminiscences of how we first met and our first kiss
And how you whispered in my ears ‘I will always love you’


-Srijeeta Saha



Drenched in the juice of pearl, it soaked in my eyes,

When the naked fling of lust howled up its cries.

The room draped in itself, the mystic mist of pain,

The bed, of pleasure, with ocean’s tears ingrain.

And in between the strife sat I, for your weary last sight;

With a burnt jocund on my lips, at the nature’s fright,

Perhaps they had felt the touch and smelt my sweat-

That awaits me of your first love or your white death.

You entered my room with your light feet on note-

Those made me lie on the bed for us to together float

In the deep creek of blood and shallow ocean of hate;

That blends my love to your soul, and swim towards our fate.

The candles burnt low but my heart counted up its beat,

You put your cold lips on my ears, when it rained down my feet.

And then there was no halt but a magnanimous flow of desire,

That burnt on my breast with your pang deceit’s ire.

You kissed me on my lips, touched my musk soaked bust-

That my trembling hands held you on to me, to wash down my dust-

You nibbled and caressed, you beat and bit;

When warm drops of love coursed down my slit.

And then you stripped me down and desired for more,

Till your wildness took upon and touched me to the core.

You moved in my soul and together we took a flight,

While red danced itself out in the war of white.

And I received it all with my teeth clenched tight-

But chaste mirth of tears brought agony in the night.

My dark sharp nails cut open the flesh of your back:

When jackals and wolves called out from the forest’s sack!

Now you lie beside my nude body, absorbed in relief,

While the rays of the night sky, pent up my grief,

My heart pumps black blood at the distress of your touch,

The filthy want for flirt, craves me for endless much.

Though I gave you all, my flesh my love my blood-

Yet you held another hand, while I bleed through my cud?

Though you bathed me for day and night, in your passion and your rage,

Yet you make love to another and shackle me in a cage?

No, no darling, never more; now that you sleep in purple hope,

My eyes burn with vengeance, with a saber or a rope.

My erotic self can bear all but not a bit of your share

With another tart that lives down town, with your very carnal care.

The saber now chops down your bone and life spilled a dice,

And your eyes cried down my blood, with the very same surprise.

Oh the whole room has burnt down in the water of red!

The candles, the myrrh and mist, have smashed on the bed.

Unconfined joy blurs the grotesque paints of horror,

And I smell and drink your mourn deprived of color-

And finally, at midnight, the moon streams across the floor;

Where your body lays still and the sea breaks the shore.

The juice of pearl, has now soaked itself in endless depth red,

While the bloody moon and the sky wakes the born and the dead

They Don’t Understand

-Michael Griezman

Hands trying to cover eyes


I’m confused about life
it seems like no one understands me
especially my parents
they try to run my life
but they don’t understand
my life’s my own to run
they can’t run it
it seems we live in two different worlds
at two different times
they should know no matter how much
they try to control my life
I’ll always rebel
I don’t care about the punishment
because they can’t take away my
freedom, hope, dreams, memories
and people I love ever.
I wish they would understand
they never had to go through
the problems us teens are going through now
they would never understand
back then there weren’t so many problems us
teens face now
they just simply don’t understand
us teens



-Deep Thakur

a Grey__s_Relaxed_Hand_in_Light_2_by_FantasyStock

You lie in your bed, your arms spread out on either side of you. Your nose is pointed up at the ceiling. Your eyes are blank, open yet not registering anything. Your face is drawn into a painfully tight smile. You shift your gaze down and look out at the endless gray expanse outside the window. The curtains are fluttering in the wind. You feel the cool breeze against your face and you close your eyes for a moment, imagining, giving in to hopes and suddenly, you are transported back to the present and your eyes snap open and you smile again, that painfully tight smile.

Your face is illuminated by a harsh white glow as a flash of lightning scars the gray expanse outside your window. You pay no heed to it for your mind is absorbed in something else. You are thinking. You are regretting. You are struggling against the currents , trying to swim backwards in the river of time. You fail to do so physically, but your mind is nimble. You find your thoughts drifting back to the past and your ethereal self lives through those beautiful memories again.

“That’s what they are now; memories”, the cynical part of you reflects and that painful smile tightens further. Your lips are smiling, but your eyes are dark abysses; unfathomable in the depth of your emotions, rocking violently in the storm raging in your mind. What do you want to do? You have no idea. Yet, amidst all the chaos, there is a spot of silence, of peace and relative serenity ( though not happiness or satisfaction) . Another scar of lightning rends the sky. It’s followed shortly by an ominous rumbling. A deep roar of impatience and unchecked fury and acute dissatisfaction. It’s the roar of Thunder.

You flinch as the glass panes shake under the compulsive onslaught of the sonic wave. It’s painfully loud , yet not as loud as the lament of your soul. You smile again, thinking of the comparison you just conjured. And yet again are you tossed around in the tumultuous waves of reality. The currents get stronger and you realize wistfully that even your mind won’t be able to wander off into that beautiful past once the river has flown long enough. Not even your mind is nimble enough to avoid or overcome that current. You are about to lose it all and you feel desperate. Is that what you want? To forget something so memorable? Your mind screams in derisive frustration. You shut your eyes tightly, trying to overcome that feeling. You want to think about something else, anything else, but your mind is consumed by that one thought. You open your eyes again and they are just like they were- dark abysses. But the smile is missing this time. Cynicism can go just that far. Random images flicker through your mind, few words that didn’t actually mean much back at that time but words which you cherish now as vestiges of a time that’s passed, of a fortune that’s lost forever.
You can feel something sinking and you realize it’s your heart. You crave for the satisfaction that you know will never be yours. You just watch yourself sinking deeper into the quagmire, helpless in your traumatic realization of the way it’s going to end. You know what has passed and you also know what will come to pass. You just want to live happily but you often end up doubting the validity of happiness in your life. It’s a relative concept. Happiness is the result of satisfaction. You however know very well that satisfaction would never be yours.


The desperation is finally starting to overcome your defences. You feel like you need to lighten up yet you seem unable to come up with an outlet. It’s getting really suffocating. You try to reach out for a helping hand but it turns out to be insubstantial. You lie in your bed and your face spreads into a smile again, a sad smile. Your eyes are no longer dark abysses. There is a faint light. The fickle flame of hope burns bright in the absolute darkness of your eyes. The sad smile lingers on your face and you lift your hand up hesitantly with fingers outstretched and palm facing upwards. You look imploringly at the dark ceiling, hoping against hope that maybe your desires could overcome the boundaries of space and time and once, just for once, would you actually behold and even touch the object of your desires.
You hold your hand out for a few seconds, twisting it slowly in the air, watching the shadows shift slowly. Your hope diminishes with every passing second. You finally let your hand collapse back on the bed. A soft sigh escapes your lips. That smile takes on a painful edge once again. The light leaves your eyes again. Your eyes are dark abysses once more. You lie back with the same empty feeling in your heart. It’s just too much to take. You want to let it all out. Your lips tremble slightly as you think back on the past. You feel like a dam is about to burst. You prepare yourself. You get ready to cry, to let it all out and then you wait. You wait for a long time, staring up at the ceiling, but something is wrong. You heart is just as heavy as it was. You lay back and sigh once again, a sigh of sadness and defeat. Your heart moans in anguish, lamenting at the futility of your actions and yet, your eyes are dry. Those tears just won’t fall.

A Martyr – from heaven above….

-Pratik Chakraborty


I seem to be all very fine these days
Away from the macabre life of yours
The world I’ve seen is no better
Than a gruesome abattoir

The sacred sun has shown me the colours
Of the right shells of the shore
The ways of life I’ve finally learnt
I am not a ‘goggle’ anymore!

 No more do the Philistine whirlwinds make
My credence quake and tremble
I bet I’ll live a million more years
Look thee there! It’s inscribed on the wall

I’ve seen ‘Triremes’ fly
And bombard across the oceans
Change is what this world is all about
Habit is not an option

I’m not trying to dole out any bolshie gen
I know much water has flowed down the glen
It’s because I am not an Earthly dove
It’s because I write from Heaven above..!!


-Varun Garg


Forget and forgive who have hurt you,
Have feeling of love and no abomination now.
Ignore if existed the content of enmity,
Though bit delayed understand and practice humanity.

The fall of creating new relations and friends,
To abolish the sly and cheats from in-attendance.
Let’s help our resolutions in succeeding and being true,
Unlike before when many were be over-ruled.

Hopes prevail; the mortals whose past seemed quiet unsoothing,
This year shall bring a bright ray of sunshine,
Might be we are on the edge of expiration,
Yet hold spunk, joy having many expectations.