27th March, 2014 had an in-built element of disturbance, or so it had seemed to me. Being on a tight rope of a perpetual holiday of three weeks, it had become impossible on my part to keep thinking of non-executable overachieved ideas of spending time.

 A blog?…

Nah, boring, and it won’t involve people, it will be only me to do all the writing. Thus, case dismissed.

 A mini social networking site?…

Nah, boring again, we’ve had too much of them, and anyway, no perfect niche of formation. Thus, case dismissed.

 An online magazine?…

Well, initially, I got a negative reciprocation, but with time, the idea seemed to fit our necessities, and so by the end of that day, ERGO was born. As the name suggests, it really was and is the consequent result of all our thoughts…

 It did take more than a month to materialize it, and it may not be as attractive and appealing as the other e-magazines, but it surely is a storehouse of diligence, desire and dream of many. Passion and obsession finally led to this creation and we are nothing short of proud individuals with our head held high to have been able to publish this trinket of our creativity to you, our esteemed readers.

 And, yes, I would like to take the name of a few Ignited Minds (apart from me 😛 ) who have put forth their share of effort to turn my otherwise vague idea into a reality. The first token of gratitude invariably goes to Srijeeta Saha, the person who has christened the magazine. Next in line is Mayuri Ghosh, who had dismissed this idea, and in turn, boosted a new urge in me to create the magazine. The person whose creativity goes sky-high compared to ours is the next person to say thanks to: Debdeep Biswas; he actually put up with our non-sense and coded and designed the website. Diya Chakraborty also played a commendable role in providing catchy titles and helping us overcome our writers’ block.

 Lastly, a multitude of acknowledgments to all the writers and photographers, to all those friends-cum-strangers who helped to spread the word and a lot of appreciation to our most admired readers.

 Cheerio and Happy Reading!

 Progyaa Dutta,

[Contact us: ergomag.2014@gmail.com]


22 thoughts on “ED SAYS

    • And I am relishing the fact that my friend did such a great job (along with others of course)….hats off to you people…especially you Paggy..

  1. (Please don’t think I’m exaggerating) You writers got me swayed off, yeah, all of you… loved this magazine. IT IS AWESOME!!! Everyone who’s put effort into this, you all rock. Feels great to have friends like you…

  2. First of all, it has all turned out brilliantly. 🙂 My regards for all those who have worked so diligently for this Ah-mazing venture by Progyaa, Srijita, Mayuri and Debdeep.
    I feel really REAAALY fortunate,in its true sence, to be able to be a part of this. Its really genorous on your part, Progyaa to include me in the list of your co-editors,as my contributions were too humble to be mentioned. 😛
    Lastly, I would like to mention the pages which I felt were among the best.I really liked Bizzantric, the Rhetoric and White (not for the obvious reasons please. 😛 ).I would Specially like to mention Amrapali Dasgupta and Sringita Ghosh’s articles in White.They were reaaaaly REAALLY too good guzs!
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Well, contributions- big or small- require appreciation, talking of which, I would like to say that we are a team, altogether and we do not need to be formal. So, keep calm and enjoy!

  3. It’s really great. Loved the articles… I don’t personally know you people, but a guy we all know ( PPC ) told me about this and ‘ ergo ‘! awesome articles. All the best with future endeavors and I guess I’ll try to contribute something if I can… Assuming I can get over my lazy repose and actually come up with something worthy of this magazine. Bottom line is that it feels great to come across such a lovely bunch of innovative minds (unlike myself) 🙂

    • Hey there, Deep!
      So glad that people are still into reading 😛
      Well, innovation does not lie in creating something unique…it lies in having the power to create extraordinary from the ordinary…
      I believe that a person(like you) who has the will and perseverance to go through so many write-ups, surely is out of the ordinary…you are innovative in your actions itself. How can you not be innovative in your thoughts?
      Send in contents…and we would love to publish them 🙂

  4. I just loved the articles of this website. i was also told by PPC about this site!! a very innovative idea!! you all have shown that we students also can do innovative things. carry on with this work!! I am very excited to read the coming articles

    • Well, PPC has really played a key role in this magazine’s publicity, but you all…who actually heeded his comments are praiseworthy…Thank you for going through the articles. 🙂 😀

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