The Legend

[Dedicated to the legend, Robin Williams]

-Srijeeta SahaRIP-Robin-Williams-Wallpaper-1360x768


Manacled in the cage of distress you lulled the song of hope,

Jaded in the shacked of gloom you hid the sense of mope.

Like the soul that needs no rest and the mind that needs no wings

You broke the blood of rage and chopped the flesh that clings.

Even though you were smothered, you glared like the scorching sun

Your figment of reveries induced the force to run

From every trace of pain, from every drop of tear.

From the chains of struggle, you taught to vanquish fear.

Demiurgic in your vigor, you changed the sobs to smile

You taught the lips to twitch, to run for the mile.

Your footprints are embedded in the dusty beach of life,

Where ocean breaks the shore, to fight the war of strife.

You are marked in our hearts; you are carved in our thoughts,

We are drenched in your bliss, entangled in your knots.


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