The Bipolarity in Socio-Economics in Education System

– Suvodeep Bhowmik


After long years of independence we still stand under the umbrella of degenerating symbiosis and they are called ‘children’. Since “the Holy Birth”, men and women have strived to balance the number of upcoming species that we call our next generation. (And to breed on these natural processes, we value our education system in a way similar to the fresh seeds who understand only what they are taught).

There is a popular phrase that our earlier preparations have been giving way through. So they divided our first twenty springs in scientific stages. And it could be believed to be true that no other way than multilayered diversifications is the duel way of communication between two vertical faces. Here, one face stands for a force that monetarily dictates the larger section of the employed world. And the other one takes in the leftover section of our existence. These people and their descendants are nomenclated  as the downtrodden, toiling appendices of life(socio) cycle.

The needs of a regular homogenization in types and circumferences of government and private barriers are strongly felt now-a-days. Through the astrayed effect of the largest democracy after independence “schooling and university” proforma of education narrative was destined, as can be seen now. And people are reaching out to higher establishments periodically in geometric programming with a radical value of power square as “exam result fee” structure that we have nurtured inside our “free economic” catastrophe. So, to stand together and read worthy ways without any pro-paper brand or multiplex celebration in education culture, what we need is freedom of thought and action in structuring, fund and administrating dormitories of education system.


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