Rain Rain go away, Fashion approaching all the way

-Jayantika Mitra

Grey raincoats,black/brown gumboots,monochromatic umbrellas are obsolete.These ” not so trendy” accessories will make you look like ‘twin dull sister’ of rain metaphorically 🙂

Here are the do’s & dont’s to oomph up your monsoon look

€ Do’s


  • Penguin suits, funky slippers, leopard printed gumboots should replace your dull raincoats and stodgy gumboots
  • Transparent floral printed umbrellas are equally effective in shielding you from the incessant drizzles
  • Cotton shorts and trousers are stylish and they dry up easily,keeping your skin aerated insteady of soggy
  • Geometric prints helps in bringing out an unconventional classy look
  • Use gel based moisturizer and water proof mascara and foundation to avoid bleeding of make-up
  • Do use waterproof coverings for your cellphones

£ Dont’s
• Avoid wearing white,yellow,beige,grey coloured clothes
•Messy hairdo is big NO…sleek and simple ponytail is chic and logical
•Do not carry oversize sling bags…They tend to mess up your monsoon look
•Do not wear synthetic outfits,,,they will make you look tacky and soggy
•Avoid wearing stilletos in monsoon,they might make you trip.
christianlouboutin11351_341135329 Picture 001
Block heels and wedges are perfect for monsoon parties.
•Metallic and leather accessories can be avoided,,,,alloy and plastic accessories can spice up your look.


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