-Srijeeta Saha



Drenched in the juice of pearl, it soaked in my eyes,

When the naked fling of lust howled up its cries.

The room draped in itself, the mystic mist of pain,

The bed, of pleasure, with ocean’s tears ingrain.

And in between the strife sat I, for your weary last sight;

With a burnt jocund on my lips, at the nature’s fright,

Perhaps they had felt the touch and smelt my sweat-

That awaits me of your first love or your white death.

You entered my room with your light feet on note-

Those made me lie on the bed for us to together float

In the deep creek of blood and shallow ocean of hate;

That blends my love to your soul, and swim towards our fate.

The candles burnt low but my heart counted up its beat,

You put your cold lips on my ears, when it rained down my feet.

And then there was no halt but a magnanimous flow of desire,

That burnt on my breast with your pang deceit’s ire.

You kissed me on my lips, touched my musk soaked bust-

That my trembling hands held you on to me, to wash down my dust-

You nibbled and caressed, you beat and bit;

When warm drops of love coursed down my slit.

And then you stripped me down and desired for more,

Till your wildness took upon and touched me to the core.

You moved in my soul and together we took a flight,

While red danced itself out in the war of white.

And I received it all with my teeth clenched tight-

But chaste mirth of tears brought agony in the night.

My dark sharp nails cut open the flesh of your back:

When jackals and wolves called out from the forest’s sack!

Now you lie beside my nude body, absorbed in relief,

While the rays of the night sky, pent up my grief,

My heart pumps black blood at the distress of your touch,

The filthy want for flirt, craves me for endless much.

Though I gave you all, my flesh my love my blood-

Yet you held another hand, while I bleed through my cud?

Though you bathed me for day and night, in your passion and your rage,

Yet you make love to another and shackle me in a cage?

No, no darling, never more; now that you sleep in purple hope,

My eyes burn with vengeance, with a saber or a rope.

My erotic self can bear all but not a bit of your share

With another tart that lives down town, with your very carnal care.

The saber now chops down your bone and life spilled a dice,

And your eyes cried down my blood, with the very same surprise.

Oh the whole room has burnt down in the water of red!

The candles, the myrrh and mist, have smashed on the bed.

Unconfined joy blurs the grotesque paints of horror,

And I smell and drink your mourn deprived of color-

And finally, at midnight, the moon streams across the floor;

Where your body lays still and the sea breaks the shore.

The juice of pearl, has now soaked itself in endless depth red,

While the bloody moon and the sky wakes the born and the dead


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