14 signs you are addicted to reading books

-Amrapali Dasgupta

  1. People are cool but reading is your preferred social activity.787298
  2. You know what a book hangover is and you have them frequently.
  3.  You’re always looking forward to the weekend but mostly because you can’t wait to get 2 whole days for unadulterated alone time with a new book.                        girl_with_books_1
  4. You carry a book with you at all times because you never know when you’ll have a spare minute to do some extra reading.
  5. Your friends and family have stopped asking you what you want for Christmas or birthdays because they know you’ll always say books.
  6. You have words from your favorite author or book tattooed on your body somewhere.
  7. When people can’t find you they just assume you’re at a bookstore.
  8. And if you’ve stopped answering texts for the night people know you’re probably just engrossed in a book.
  9. When the ending of a book sucks you feel seriously betrayed by the author. I mean, how could they do this to me?                the_weird_habit_of_smelling_books_by_sortdrame-d606988
  10. You think the only way you can truly get to know an old, used book is by smelling it. Ahh, old book smell.
  11. You take it personally when you recommend a book to a friend and 6 months later they still haven’t read it. What are they even waiting for?
  12. Or even worse when you buy a book for someone and they don’t read it. How are we supposed to bond over our favorite passages!?
  13. You own a variety of different editions of your favorite book. If you see it in a foreign bookstore or with a new cover you can’t help but want it for your collection.                                    books-coffee-starbucks-Favim.com-651204
  14. Lastly, most of your Instagram photos are of stacks of books next to a cup of coffee.

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