Time To Return The Favor Back

-Diya Chakraborty

There are many things that happen in our day to day lives. A considerable variety of predicaments encounter us daily, and we tend to differentiate them automatically, into significant and otherwise. While we plunge into a detailed analyzing of the “significant” event, more often than not, we are inclined to overlook the non-highlighted yet, consequential, as well as, pressing aspect of the matter.


Physical humiliation towards women is old news. Almost every day we hear females, ranging from hardly two months to, as old as, in their nineties, getting physically abused, literally monstrously. We hear, see, and read about this kind of “human behaviour” daily. Then we show our sympathy towards the victim, our disgust towards the offender, speak at length about our country’s moral & cultural degradation, as a morning tea chat, & then carry on with our lives unaffected. As simple as that.

While expressing our sorrow for the matter, we mostly think about the victim’s loss of honour, the subsequent social reaction towards her, her stained future, etc. other such deep intellectual thoughts. Surely the act has been disgraceful, but before reaching to topics like honour and prestige, why not come down to simpler aspects. A HUMAN BEING has been manhandled. But she could do nothing to defend herself for the simple fact that she has been constructed vulnerable. And with that very vulnerable self, she had to bear violence & brutality of such soaring levels, to which, even her male counterpart would have winced at, quite a bit. Imagine that amount of unbelievable excruciating pain, those shattering blows hitting incessantly, that helpless, dying, penetrating cries of that fragile body, desperate yet unheard. No, we can only “try” to imagine, because it’s too beastly and dirty to do otherwise.

She is only a HUMAN! That too the weaker species, and then she has to go through such heart-breaking, devastating violence upon her.  The unbearable pain that those millions and millions of women go through (and are, ironically, going through even as I am writing this) is often overshadowed by highbrow talks of right and wrong, honour and pride. I mean, she is an injured human being, literally speaking, get her an aid at least, to soothe her intensive pain, before getting into scholarly discussions!

It’s quite a matter of joke that the world likes to show its “strength” and “power” on those who cannot fight it. “Coward”, just got a whole new meaning.


But then, enough is enough. And enough, it already is. Enough of motivating articles, enough of protests, enough of candle marches, enough of lessons, enough of pleading, enough of crying and lastly, enough of tolerating. If a woman can procreate a brute, so can she destroy one, it just seems like women have been tolerating not only men’s, but also the society’s inhumane torture since forever. From asking hurtful and insulting questions, while filing a complaint at the police station and while the courtroom interrogation, to questioning the woman’s moral character based on her lifestyle and clothing, our society delightfully do their bit in making a woman’s life, who is already going through hell, all the more insufferable. Do you know, that three-fourth of the complaints don’t even make it to the police station, two-fourth pass out before getting a trial date at the court, and, those who still somehow make it, either get dismissed due to lack of evidence or spend their entire lives, travelling and re-travelling to the court, to be present for the trials, each time being forced to remember all those dirty, painful, suffocating details of the murder. Yes, murder it is. Murder of the soul, murder of emotions, murder of feelings, murder of dreams. Murder of a Being.

It is hence, time, women pick up arms, and treat those animals, who had made the mistake of insulting her, with equal or more brutality, than they did. After all they are men, stronger than us, weak creatures. Shouldn’t they deserve a little bit extra?? And if not anyone else, history bears witness to the fact that, whenever a woman has taken up arms, there has been storms of destruction, carrying away all the impurities along with it. The celebrated Hindu Goddess “Ma Durga” is a prominent example. What a man fails to conquer is conquered by a woman. It has happened before, and it will happen again. And observing the favourable conditions of our society, it is likely to happen soon. And then, the cruelty will be SUCH that even sadists will look like Winnie the Pooh.

And, therefore, I say there has been enough of ‘enough’s. If nobody is alive enough to fight for us, we will fight for ourselves. Even if our paths are all wrong, yet we will tread those very paths to achieve our goal, as the question of Right and Wrong, is long past. Even the ever loved and revered Rabindranath Tagore had said exactly the same thing in his song, “Ekla cholo re”, that, when no one answers to your call, you must walk alone. And alone the women of 21st century will soon walk whatever and however the road might be. All is fair in love and war, remember?


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