The Invisible World, the Unknown Subject…

-Alipta Nayak Dhall

“The oldest and greatest emotion in mankind is fear and the oldest and greatest fear is the fear of the unknown.”

-H.P. Lovecraft


Can you imagine what it’s like to study a subject where there are no constant laws or theories?… Which is not considered a subject by many?… Which is ridiculed at every step?… I do…and this subject is PARAPSYCHOLOGY.

For those who read this article further I would ask them to keep an open mind. Ridicule and contempt towards this subject will get you nowhere…because they are always around you…they have always been and they always will be.

Parapsychology or Paranormal Studies is the study of everything beyond the conventional normal. Clairvoyance, divination, other worldly creatures, ghosts, hauntings and so on. It’s a subject which acknowledges the existence of the other world. Something which people even presented with hard core evidence fail to do.

In  this subject I majorly  research in the context of ‘ghosts’ and ‘hauntings’. I wish to spread the truth about these misjudged beings. This is my way of helping. It’s my way of saying “You’re not invisible, neither is your pain…I can see you, I can feel it and I care” to the spirits.

 The first and foremost law not theory which proves the existence  of ‘ghosts’ is the Law of Conservation of Energy which states “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can just be converted”. We are all different from each other not only physically but also spiritually. Our body is just a vessel but our soul is our life force. So what happens to our energy after we die? Where does this go? The answer – ghosts. But then you would ask me that there are so many people dead from so many millennia ago and even now…so why don’t all of then turn into ghosts and why isn’t everyplace haunted?


My answer to this is that when our soul leaves our body it further journeys from the physical plane to the spiritual plane. But those who are being held back by their unfinished business, their selfish oath, by their need of justice and the horror of the injustice, pain, anguish they faced; roam about in this world which is not theirs  attached to their places of importance for millennia drowned in desperation, frustration, helplessness and unimaginable agony. But not all. Some stay back peacefully to guard the things they care about or to just help others. Some never cross this physical plane simply because they don’t know if they are dead or just don’t accept the truth. Think about it…when you were just an infant or a 5 year old kid did you know what death was? So how would those dead children know that they’re not human? They just wanna be seen or heard. They just wanna play.

All the other spirits too want the same (well most of them). They touch you, pull your hair , tug at you, transfer their emotions, speak, scream and move objects to get your attention. They want you to know they’re not gone. That’s the worst part…they’re stuck here in their own past like a prisoner of those moments which destroyed them.

That’s what haunting is. The spirit…those trapped moments in those places…happening again and again…in a loop. These examples are true locations and everything stated is true .


At the abandoned Remington Arms Factory, a camera in real time caught the sound of a gunshot  being fired and a scream following it. What’s surprising is that years ago a real incident of that sort had actually occurred…and only the camera on one floor caught it but not the other one running at the same time.

At the mental institutions like ‘Rolling Hills Asylum’ and ‘Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum’ you can  still hear the screams of the patients. At the ‘Toele Hospital’ you can still see the girl in front of the surgery table asking for the reason for her death, reaching out to you. This is an actual sketch of the girl by a person who saw her face to face, so did 2 cameras but both the cameras froze at the same time .

At ‘Bobby Mackeys’ those two criminals who swore to haunt it forever still linger to torture the living and keep their evil oath.

It’s entirely possible that when one interacts with a spirit giving them energy to manifest or make contact you probably helped them cross over. So in a way even when you listen to them or acknowledge their presence, you’re helping them. Sometimes all they want is some help.

Therefore all I am asking is a little help and respect on your side. Please don’t ignore their existence or mock their strength.


Finally I would like to dedicate this article to the “Ghost Adventures Crew” (GAC) who made me firmly believe and stand by what I had already believed.

I now quote GAC member Zak-


To all the spirits I have communicated with,

They have changed my life and my look on the afterlife”


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