HOLIDAY – The return of Akshay Kumar from a Sabbatical

-Manali Balsara


Akshay Kumar is known for happy-go-lucky comedies and rare gems like “Oh My God” where he raised the bar for himself. With “Holiday”, he has yet again proved that a good script is what makes or breaks an actor.

Holiday is a superb built script with some great moments. The storyline is quite simple but the way it is executed makes a lot of difference in the final impact. Govinda has the best entrance sequence, while Sonakshi Sinha gets introduced in a typical Bollywood number “Tu hi toh hai karaar mera”, which has the hero drooling for her at different locations.


The scenes where Akshay’s character outdoes the terrorists are applause worthy…specially one sequence where the whole suited battalion cracks open a serial blast plan, creating a visual treat.

On the branding and marketing front, the film left no stone unturned in lowering costs with integrations with huge brands like Levis, NDTV 24*7, Zee News, R Mall, Royal Enfield and not to forget PVR and Cafe Coffee day. These were brilliantly woven into the script, with the most intelligent integration being of brand Levis with Virat’s(Akshay Kumar’s Character) sister asking him for Levis apparel.

 The music is bearable with a one mentionable number “Aaj Dil Shayarana” which keeps playing in your head even after you leave your seats.

In an age where ‘Radha’s , ‘Munni’s and ‘Baby Doll’s are becoming an exquisite part of a movie, it’s commendable that the Officer on duty chose to stay away from such antics.

A salute to the makers for attempting such a subject, and providing the audience a well needed break from the vanilla 400 crore sets and nonsensical storylines and acting performances. Thanks to Mr. Akshay Kumar for choosing a better script this time.



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