A Martyr – from heaven above….

-Pratik Chakraborty


I seem to be all very fine these days
Away from the macabre life of yours
The world I’ve seen is no better
Than a gruesome abattoir

The sacred sun has shown me the colours
Of the right shells of the shore
The ways of life I’ve finally learnt
I am not a ‘goggle’ anymore!

 No more do the Philistine whirlwinds make
My credence quake and tremble
I bet I’ll live a million more years
Look thee there! It’s inscribed on the wall

I’ve seen ‘Triremes’ fly
And bombard across the oceans
Change is what this world is all about
Habit is not an option

I’m not trying to dole out any bolshie gen
I know much water has flowed down the glen
It’s because I am not an Earthly dove
It’s because I write from Heaven above..!!


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