This Summer, Don’t Be A Bummer :P

-Jayantika Mitra

Summer+ tropical= sutropi 🙂

Wanna look hot as tropics yet cool in summer? Try out these tips>

1: team up a short tropical skirt with a black cropped shirt or a black laced shirt
2: jumpsuits in vibrant solid colours with vintage accessories are perfect for a summer evening party
3: summer dresses are must when it’s a day out with colours…accessorize it with sun hats and sunglasses…

Try out these too-


Read my lips…muuuaaahhh :*

Bling, blitz, pouts are the things you do with lips……..

Getting glittery lips is a cakewalk

Go to a supermarket… a skin friendly adhesive

Now apply a lipstick of your favourite colour……
Dab a nude gloss over it,…….
Take some glitter powder…..n carefully apply it on your lips with this help of adhesiveyoujust bought 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Its time for a shimmery pout Selfie now!!!

Glitter Lipstick Goldglittery-pink-lipsglitter


Wondering what a selfieneaker is????????

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Follow these simple steps n get yourself a selfieneaker

I am sure you have a pair of sneakers which no more interests you
N m sure you have got a beautiful name which you love

Not getting what I’m trying to say??
Well then,,,bring your pair of borrrriinggg sneakers and get to work

Take a stencil and write your name on the sneakers……
You can use a marker, waterproof glitter pens……

And voila you have got a selfieneaker!!!!!


Meowww,,,moooo,roaaarrrr,,,, animal prints

Animal prints can be sexy or tacky depends on how we carry it…..

Here are some meowwwwww tips 😉

* make up should be bare minimum….a red or a nude lipstick is all that you need…..
* avoid messy hairdos….a sleek hairstyle goes well with animal print outfits
* teaming up animal print stiletto with your animal print dress is a big NO……….
* block heels with solid colours will spice up your animal print look…..
* you can accessorize your lbd with an animal print clutch
* leather and animal print are like north and south pole of a magnet……never mix and match them…



2 thoughts on “This Summer, Don’t Be A Bummer :P

  1. Whoa,,,this is good! 😀
    I want more tips and I hope you will provide better tips for the next time.

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