The Phase

-Taniya Adhikari


Criticism. It is something we teenagers have to face for anything and everything. Every single person seems to judge us for no rhyme or reason. Some take it lightly, others don’t. I am someone who doesn’t, never really have. It leaves me angry, indecisive and lost in thought because: why do I care for something which shouldn’t bother me anyway?

A lot of problems arise as we grow up. Our surroundings seems to get stranger and stranger. Love being the most overrated emotion. It is the idea of falling in love that we fall for so genuinely that we think of it to be the “actual thing”. The basic problem with love is that we take it way too seriously and get over-attached. The person we love always seems to fall for some other person, leaving you, me, us confused and depressed…lost in the world of thought – imagining all sorts of love song sequences. Love is a wonderful thing which we tend to ruin by our materialism, over-exaggeration and over thinking. It happens over and over again, yet we never learn.

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Then comes high levels of anxiety, stress, depression, frustration which finally leads to self-harm and suicidal tendencies. At first we get tensed about what has happened to us, and then we become well acquainted with it and live in that cocoon for a long long time.

 Addiction is something which is a common phenomenon. We get addicted. It’s perfectly normal to get addicted, but then we reach the highest levels of it. We smoke weed, tobacco, meth. We drink alcohol on regular basis. We get into drugs.

AddictionChildren drinkingmarijuana-exposure-during-adolescence-may-impact-future-kids

It all happens and we become social disasters-the outcasts. Our parents start giving up on us, our elders start cursing us on regular basis, our contemporaries start avoiding us, but, most importantly, we as individuals get lost in all this. We teenagers with our changing hormones, developing insight and confused minds, get lost. The chaos gets a grip on us. A lot of ‘why’s comes into existence in our minds. All of them remain unanswered, and we keep craving for answers.

Trust me, all this is perfectly normal. It happens to everyone. It makes you stronger as an individual. Yes sometimes you do think of giving up, thinking of it to be the only option left, but then it is up to us to convince ourselves to take a few more steps and go a little farther, because if we give up today, we will never know what tomorrow has in store for us. Thus live while you still can. Don’t let anyone else ruin your self-confidence and shatter you, it is you who master your life and can make any efforts to make it a phenomenal one. Everything else fades away… It is “you” that’s going to last a lifetime.



2 thoughts on “The Phase

  1. Love is itself a drug which can be addictive. So it’s always better to be careful about whom you fall in love with. Personally, I can serve as a shining example of a well chosen love. I have been in a relationship for five years. I don’t know much about others, but I am assuming that’s a seriously long relationship. The best part is even her parents are happy as it increases their profit. My parents might not be too happy, but they are not really bothered as well as paying thirty bucks to their son to go and have a bottle of coke doesn’t really burn too big a hole in the wallet. 😉

    • yes indeed.. five years is a long time..nowadays in the age of modernity we don’t really give the “drug” called love much importance.We all are so patent towards the other drugs that love is just a term we like using and actually feel nothing..anyway now that you have found a permanent love affair and you should always cherish it..until it fades away.all good things do fade..most unfortunately..this is a paragraph of pessimism..sorry about that..

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