The Forgotten Death

-Rohan Nath


The coldness of winter stretched everywhere
Is there any possibility to remain alive?
I scrutinized around but they all appeared same
Young boys with an expression of terror
‘Is anybody there?!’ I gave out a shout
My voice echoed through the lonely desert
No sound responded except my own

Sometimes ago it was tremendously noisy
But with the trade of violence
everybody hushed
I walked around searching for
Walking through the crowd of
silence wasn’t easy
As I frequently stumbled upon the figures of dead
Some of the faces weren’t
Yet I identified the fear in their

Suddenly, my eyes fell upon my companion!
It seemed like he was having a bad dream
His body was pierced by the bullets
‘Wake up sir!’ I shouted at him
‘Your wife and son are waiting with hope!’
He didn’t care to answer back to me
Tears welled up my eyes and so I spoke:
‘You have given up your life but for what?
Death for death? Suffering for
I know you have sacrificed your breath
Yet you will live a forgotten death…’



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