Midnight Hope

-Deep Thakur


And he saw her again,
That angel from his dreams.
She smiled at him,
A timeless smile- beautiful yet remote.
He just stared, eyes wide with glee,
It was really that angel,
She was all that his best dreams could be.

And he saw her again,
That beatiful girl he knew from far.
She beckoned him,
He stared yet again,
Walking in a daze he lifted his hands to touch her,
But she was so far away,
Beautiful and just so far,
She shone in his dreams,
Like the most beatiful of stars.

And he saw her again,
Sleeping peacefully by his side,
Her breath was like a gentle breeze,
Her face was adorned by a slight smile.
Leaning in he kissed her cheeks ,
He knew he had found his heart’s desire.
Draping his arms around her,
He held her close,
She bundled into him,
He stared at her face,
Divine in the silver light of the moon,
She truly was a fairy from a land afar ,
She truly was the most beautiful star,
He held her close through the night,
Watching her wake up as the sun rose.
She left him in the morn,
But he waited, he waited with a smile,
Nothing was ever too far,
She would come to him again that night ,
He would hold her against himself so tight,
And it would be heaven once more.

The sun would rise and the sun would set,
The stars would twinkle again at night,
She would come to him again,
And he would hold her close.
Maybe it’s all just a dream,
Maybe he is the one whose eyes will be closed,
Yet if dreams are where they are together,
He would just live it through.
Night and night again he would hold her close.
Though she does leave him every morn,
He would find solace in the world of dreams,
Nothing did take her away from him till that blasted sun rose.


2 thoughts on “Midnight Hope

  1. Well yeah, love is kind of a fairy tale… Exists only in books. Thanks though… I think I noticed a compliment in there somewhere… 😉

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