-Asmita Das

This is a story about a little girl, from the perspective of a little girl.


Saturday morning as I was arranging my jigsaw, my mother ordered me to take a bath and get ready as soon as possible. She usually chanted those words before going to school, but it was Saturday – no hustle and bustle for going to school. “Why did she then ask me to do so?” I softly asked myself while entering the bathroom. I dared not speak it loud; else she would get red-cheeked with rage.

As I got ready I saw her putting a black coloured file in her bag from where a pamphlet slipped off and fell on the marble floor, without her notice and I hurriedly took it and tried to read what was written on it…‘A-N-T-H-R-O-P-O-L-O-G-I-S-T’.


I was only 9 then and could not spell the hard words so well, so I gave up reading the whole paragraph, but next year my age will become a two digit number and I hope I will be a precocious child then. Being at the age of 9, my favourites were ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, ‘The Tom and Jerry Show’ and fairy tales. But I was totally obsessed with a creamy chocolate cornetto ice-cream with cashew and almonds and nuts as the toppings, which I had never had.flat,550x550,075,f

As my mother and I out-ran the other pedestrians to visit the Anthropologist, thoughts of me convincing my mother to buy me that delicious delicacy came into my mind and I thought that I would go home licking its surface…the chocolate would melt and then I would bite the crunchy nuts and keep it in my mouth for a total of 5 minutes, just to feel its lingering taste.

The meeting with the Anthropologist was for whole three hours during which I sat on a bench outside the cabin thinking what I would tell my mother so that she would eagerly agree to my persuasion.

But all my dreams were shattered as the meeting ended, all that started was – rain. Now, I was sure that she would end it all by saying that it was cold outside and I could get fever.

After few minutes, however, the rain stopped and there was a spontaneous sigh of relief. We started walking to get to the auto-stand. A minute later the ice-cream corner would pass by.

“Could I make it?”

Alas, we crossed it!

But then my mother suddenly stopped and asked, “Would you like to have an ice-cream to chill your day?”

“A…aaaa…..aaaaa……” – I was speechless. I then took a deep breath and said, “Why not mummy!”

We went to the shop and I happily asked for one creamy chocolate cornetto ice-cream with cashew and almond and nuts on the top, and the shopkeeper handed me one.

SS Cornetto Classic Chocolate review 01

I felt like I was the luckiest, happiest, richest person on the earth as I possessed what I wished for and then…an incident left scars in my memories.

We reached the stoppage and before entering into one of the city auto to reach my home-sweet-home I opened the ice cream wrapper and as I sat, a lady passenger pushed me to get to the window seat and my ‘jewel’ fell from my hand. The other passenger who entered right next following the lady stamped my precious possession and the ice-cream was smashed…almost dead. The driver then just took it and threw out of the window and…it died!

My heart ached, throat burnt, my vision blurred. It didn’t take a nano-second for my expression to change.


Lastly, I could remember my mother consoling me and wiping off my tears.



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