Compromised, Was He?

-Nishan Das


Once upon a time a boy,
Got mocked and slapped by every other convoy
In his thought, he subdued himself;
And never did he know of his own ego
Which was everything but a vicious blow.
It was a humble life he led, with magnanimous plight for herself
In the arms of nostalgic memories-
Never to be rejuvenated in due crisis
He wept and sobbed as he remembered:
The love and benevolence of another
Wanted his feminine to know-
The fate of love he outgrew;
And so the dreary thoughts revolved
To live under the warm canopy of another-
Helpless he remains with endearing touches to find
Immortal life of the Forgetful mind.
To watch, to witness the deceptive chaos,
As when gleamed the moon-lit lustrous wet paper-
Under the shadowy figure of despair.



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