Who I never Was

Debdeep Biswas


I was never that “handsome” guy you see walking down the mall. The one with all the name brand clothes, and hair-style freshly done. The one every girl wants to date; the skinny one.

I was a chubby set guy, with my hair always set back in a decent way; Relaxed. I participated in programming, but wasn’t good enough to be noticed or recalled for it. I didn’t have very many friends, but I had a couple friends that were close to me. I got along with everyone, and was even nice to the people who stabbed me in the back.

Finally I got sick and tired. Tired of all the ‘crap’ people were putting me through. Tired of being the chubby one, who everyone made fun of. The one that a girl would rather die than to go out with; to save her reputation. People didn’t think I understood what was going on around me. But I did. Nobody looked on the inside of me. They just criticized me, for how I appeared on the outside. It’s time for a change.

I worked out. Ate healthier, and exercised more intensely. I had a goal; and nobody was going to stop me from reaching it. I dropped weight slowly but steadily as the months of the year passed. I wasn’t getting made fun of anymore, I wasn’t the target. People were starting to see the true me. I felt.. Great.

I fit in those designer tees, I had my hair tidied up at the salon.. But was this what I wanted? Did I WANT to watch every ounce of food I put in my body? To go to bed hungry knowing my goals would be reached? No…. that’s what my peers wanted. I STOPPED.

I want to live my life as Me. Who cares if I’m 130lbs or 350lbs?! I don’t want to be a follower of some “handsome” guy. I’m Original. Take me or Leave me, but no matter what, I’m gonna keep my head held high. As wonderful Me.



2 thoughts on “Who I never Was

  1. Loved it dude. I guess I could fit the picture…Somewhat… Though my friends never actually made fun of me… But anyway, it’s best to be yourself… Don’t go after a brand … Be your own… Cheers dude… And next time you are sad, just come up to my place and we’ll share a bottle of coke… It’s the best solution to all the mundane problems of life. 🙂

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