symbi tales

-Mediapedia Winners

You know you are in SIMC-UG, the best mass media college of India when you meet teachers who are far from bossy, and when hostel food is actually tasty!!

I am an aspirant of SIMC-UG. Mediapedia, a Facebook page of SIMC had held a contest and I, with a lot of effort and a bit of luck, was one of the 6 winners of the contest. 🙂

From providing us with free lodging and food in their hostel to holding orientations for us on specific fields of Media, the professors and staff have been very warm.

We saw the green room, the dark room, the post-production suite, the screening rooms….and trust me, this is the ONLY UG college where you will get to see so many facilities. And not just the orientations and campus tours, we got a BIG advantage: we got tips for the second round of the selection procedure of SIMC-UG!
So guys, watch the video….enjoy it and remember:
If you are interested in media and going to apply for SIMC-UG in the following years, DO participate in the Mediapedia contest. Its truly a dream come true. 🙂


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