-Srijeeta Saha

827, Stratford Road, New Wales Street, Victoria.

The new address of Emelia Graham. Shattered by life’s every new face and staggered by the consequences, she no more had an iota of rejuvenative spark in her life to move on. She clumsily put the key into the lock and jaded by the bitter memories of past, twisted the key to enter into the new house. Immediately, she closed the door and sank to the floor. Tranquil in effect and silent in nature, the world seemed to vanish. She could feel her soul sink down the gorge of nothingness.


As a child, she used to draw castle in air, read Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty to keep her sleep away. She used to paint many blurred pictures of her Prince Charming in her mind. She used to imagine herself, walking down the aisle. Balloons, bonnets, flowers, bright, light day would drape her marriage. But now, all those memories are covered by the unfathomable layer of bitter grotesque pictures, which when, are touched to felt and enjoyed, left deep scares and wounds, just like dreams ending in nightmares. Now, all those reveries seemed distant in approach. It was so far away, that even her mind, could not lurk through the smog. She wanted to cry. She had longed for this moment of forlorn solitude when the hot tears could force its way, out of her pale green eyes. She had longed for the time, when her tears could soak her thin translucent skin and force its way down the chin, breast, down the line and somehow lose its way. But not even a blink or twitch of an eye could melt the sturdy brick of emotions.Such_A_Lonely_Day___by_rollmodel101

Looking out of the window, she thought……….

It happened exactly two weeks ago………


Emelia, dressed in a pearl white wedding gown, was looking enigmatically ethereal and convincingly prepossessing. Her bright eyes shone with a mystic air of jocund. Her lips exposed a shy embarrassing smile of youth and beauty. And then……

The door opened and Adam entered with a girl beside him.

“Adam, what are you doing here, darling? We are just few minutes away from the wedding. Come on honey, do not be so desperate”, remarked Emelia.

“Emy, I wanted to inform you” said Adam.

“Inform what?” asked Emelia, afraid of his next dialogue.

“See, it gives me certain amount of pain to let you know that-” he hesitated.

“What?” managed Emelia with a squeaky voice.

“I in no way can marry you?” spoke Adam.

Seven words were enough for Adam to flounder Emelia’s love. The next few hours were accompanied by his explanation and justification- that he could not love Emelia, that he loved Charlotte, the girl beside him, that he had never loved her, that so, that because, that now, that then. Final Verdict- Emelia’s betrothal, reveries, thoughts, dreams and everything was shattered into smithereens.

Her castle was broken, fairy tales-LOST. She had not cried then. Instead, left the world, her house and shifted to a new place-far away from the grip of a thousand norms and customs and tantrums of the society. She reminisced about the retreating figure of Adam- brighter, lighter, obscure, dot and then GONE FOREVER.

Now she cried out ENOUGH. Enough fighting the inevitable, enough mourning for the lost, enough fantasizing about the unreal. Her vision obscure, sense mope, approach cynical, words indignant.eyes-human-macro-photography-tears-bw-520b68513d0083928a894364d43a5dee-h

And now finally, she cried. She cried lustily. Screamed her heart out. She cried out because she had lost the game of love and had sunk deep down the ocean of sorrow. She cried because, she had become a lugubrious girl once again.

She did not care what the active and passive objects of Dame Nature would think. She did not care for anything at the face of Earth. All that mattered to her was that the sturdy brick of emotions had finally melted and gradually she cried and cried and cried.



  1. now that’s a tale of real heartbreak and sorrow…certainly not my kind of story….but still i dont mind you using my name 🙂 Glad that such a talented story-teller like you thought of doing so….

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