She has never allowed me to touch her in all the time she has been with me but I know for a fact that there is a definite spark between us. I don’t know when she sleeps or if at all she sleeps for she seems to be awake until I sleep at night and wakes up before me every single morning. I would lazily roll over in my bed and squint my eyes to get a glimpse of her swaying hips as she moves around sensually. I would ogle discreetly, as I fear that if she senses my eyes on her, she might stop in her tracks and I might not be able to take in the subtle grace of her gliding luscious body. As I pull away the curtains, the first rays of the sun enter my room and reflect off of her, radiating a golden hue all around. Such is her skin tone that sometimes I wonder if I have a sun just inside my room. She doesn’t look at me much, but our eyes do meet from time to time and those few moments would be electrifying, and the tension in the air would increase multi-fold. She would always know when to take her eyes off but the allure of her stare would linger in the air for a few more moments, at the end of which I would be left craving for more of it.

She never talks to me. Maybe she is angry about something, maybe she is upset with me or maybe she is a damsel in distress bound by my walls because she has nowhere else to go, I don’t know, but I have always done my best to provide her with the happiest home I could. Be it the fifty litre tank, or the number of artificial plants that I had planted for her shelter, the internal sponge filter that I fitted to keep her tank clean or the dim-lit fluorescent bulb I had installed to keep her home lit up and cosy, I had gone great lengths to make Goldy’s home the best possible place for her to live in.


Or maybe she just isn’t ready to forgive me. I accept that I am a flawed human being. She isn’t my first fish. I have been a fish enthusiast for a long time and have raised ‘em all. Guppies to Piranhas, Angels to Flowerhorns, you name it and I have had them in my tank. Fishes as pets are extremely easy to maintain, and they demand very less from you, physically as well as financially.


A standard 2×1 feet tank would cost a 1000 bucks which I would say is the perfect size for any beginner, the pebbles and the plants would cost you a couple hundreds more. A normal filter and lighting for that tank would empty another 500 but that is all you need to set up your very own aquarium, well apart from the fish of course. And that is where the fun part begins. Unlike any other pet, you have a variety of choices as far as fishes are concerned. Goldfishes and angels beautify your tank; Guppies, Mollies, Platys are fast breeders and if you are lucky you will have baby frys swimming in your tank in no time;

angelfish-fry-bts-500 red_and-bleu_male_betta_131116a2_w0640tumblr_ljxpx8nsk51qzmhwmo1_500

Fighters, Flowerhorns, Blood Parrots are cichlids and are aggressive unlike Goldy, but you will have lots of fun as they jump from the tank and are hyperactive. These are just some of the fishes I have bred and I have had the best time with them. If you are giving this a thought, just walk into your nearby aquarium centre and be awed, as there is a wide school of exciting breeds waiting for you. Always remember to use chlorine-free water (well water is what I would recommend, the water will be murky initially but it will settle down) and your fishes will be as happy to be with you as you will be to have them.


But having had other fishes doesn’t mean I don’t love Goldy. She is my only fish now; she has been for a long time. I had realised it was time for me to settle down and brought her home. Maybe it was the left over fish food or the water itself, she came to know that I had had other fishes in the tank. It was stupid of me to have not cleaned the tank when I brought her home but that was a long time ago and I was naïve and foolish. I have grown since, just like her and have learnt from my mistakes. Please Goldy, forgive me and accept me as I have accepted you, for our chemistry is undeniable and you know it!!

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