-Akshay Sharma


This universe, or else I must say its creator has awarded us with an immense number of beautiful things, to which the word “things” would be quite an understatement as it inherits amidst those worldly pleasures and experiences that may or may not be granted from the well-known paradise of MATERIALISM, or it could be well granted by the paradises beneath our hard crust…the heavens of minds and hearts!

But yet the point to be exclaimed upon is out of all those “things” we get, the charm of the very FIRST, hovers above till the end!

The charm of your very first pair of socks or the very first, yellow, zero size outfit could be so felt by the eyes of your parents while they go through the old photos randomly.
The charm of your very first day at school, where your tears would be the first things to laugh and shed a memory on by your parents and grandpa who probably left you out of the gate crying or that very first vaccine injections that you probably don’t remember but your parents still.


The very first candles you blew up that your dad has probably preserved in his secret briefcase or the office door.

The very first broken word that you blurted out your croaky voice that probably only your mamma understood…or the very first balanced rife you took on your FIRST ever bicycle without your daddy’s support all of these things sum it up to the “numero uno” experience that nature or better…your life awarded you with…

But the list doesn’t end at the bicycles or the first candles because when there are yet many things to be discovered that give a high to the human life.


The very first girl that connected your sight lives by far somewhere in your conscience or rather your personal diary…

The very first sip of alcohol might still taste the same on your distinct taste buds as and when you sip it again…

That very first porn movie that made you puke…and why not… the very first ejaculation fantasizing the same…both emerging out as the very first contradicting co-incidences of your life (ha ha).

The very first date…and yet the very first kiss with your date that you still mock with your lips while you sleep or that first love letter that you still open and read randomly while you’re travelling back somewhere alone.


Your first vehicle…the first salary…the first chocolate and a red rose you gave to that person…or the very first day in high school.

The first make out with your mate…the first taste of lust…The very first warmth of two bodies and the very first lying awake, panting after your first hit.
The first mobile phone that has in it the contact numbers of those friends out of which only one or two stay in the current phone list…or that very first “I love you” your loved one whispered into the phone receiver.

The very first performance on stage in which you hardly owned a dialog but yet today while delivering scripts of hours…that first role still remains amalgamated inside your cores..

And the list goes on..!

BUT why does our mind forget, but yet, stores all these incidents in it and rewinds it whenever we want to?

Why…or rather how come these things still remain etched beneath the eight-boned skull in spite of being taken place years ago…?

Well the answer is just to make you REALIZE the very FIRST TIME what that handful of soft mass in your head can do…

The very first incidents of our lives remain forever…the need is just to make the path between the first and the last ones worth REMEMBERING!


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