“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

When William W.Purkey quoted the above line, he had probably not encountered the “What will people think Syndrome” with as much severity as we do these days.

Every decision we take, every eyelash we flap seems to be a result of a constant battle to reach out and achieve the approval of people around us. Why have we become so conscious of what others think of us? Is it because we like to judge others and it thus comes as a natural expectation that others might be doing the same?


When in school, we are taught to be competitive; I think that’s the stage where we get it all wrong. Why don’t we teach our kids at the earliest stages of live to compete with themselves and not necessarily with others? The judgment cycle begins with “The kid is dumb” or “That kid will never be a success” and as a reaction the kid begins to start doing things which might change the society’s view or turn into a complete rebel. Both of the situations mean the same thing – You end up becoming something the society wants you to because you are conscious of what the society thinks and not what you want or think.

And as it is rightly said, when the world fails to provide answers look within. Spirituality tells us we are all one. What does that mean? That means we all are judgmental and we all will end up making mistakes. Just that some people are more creative at doing different mistakes and end up being a source of entertainment. So what? Move on.

When we start to think what others think about us and our decisions; we actually don’t think. We just end up playing a guessing game to satisfy others and their expectations,

at which we seldom win. And that’s not life; because if anyone has a right to apply Terms & Conditions to your life, it is and should be only YOU.




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