Mayuri Ghosh


What do you think…how long should an article be?

A page…when written on either sides? Two pages?… Certainly not ten!
Ummn….250 words? Okay, 550 to the max… certainly not 1855.
So, we get an answer to how long should an article be… its anything but 1855 words.
Yes, standing on the stairs of reality, and realizing the value of time, I’ll say people prefer precise pieces…something which is crispy, spicy and short.

Well, now…what should an article contain?
A catchy and appealing title and beneath it-
Language, dictionary-searched-words, immense knowledge about the topic-in-discussion, googled synonyms, sophisticated acquired phrases, unnecessarily ornamented sentences…polluted with idioms and adjectives and prepositions…and the most important thing…the thought…”Oh! How many likes can it probably get?!”
It’ll cross 3000 in two days…I bet!
How I wish there was an ‘understood’ button just beside the ‘viewed’ one…where the number of people who have actually understood an article could be counted. Well, technology isn’t that developed, so… never mind!

Next, what can make you write a bombastic article?
Zeal? Feelings? Realization? An ability to pen down your feelings?No!…it is peer pressure! Write an article on such a topic where information and pictures can be interjected…where you may have elegant and pretentious words…that too within 18 hours!

These are the ideal article writing conditions—

  1. It should begin with A Catchy Title’.                    catchy titles-resized-600
  1. Should have any number less than 1855 words(better celebrated are those with 250-550 words)
  2. Should contain meaningful elements of speech of promoted, exalted and elevated eminence, parts of speech with rank and reputation of being a part of the Oxford Thesaurus, immense abstractness given the name of ‘non-pictorial, non-representational, symbolic and metaphoric piece of art’.3-chocolate-logo3
  1. Acquired D-F-I(Data-Fact-Information).
  2. Fashionable, polished, intricate and ingenious group of words forming conceptual units, but not sentence.
  3. Pictures to support your writing.
  4. And, finally…the thought of the number of people hitting likes.

Even my article contains pictures, has a catchy title and has too many sophisticated words stuffed in a single sentence..

So, if you have actually read this article, then, congratulations! You have read an ARTICLE!


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