Raina De

They say the world belongs to the rich and the powerful! For me, the world belonged to the slim and the pretty. Until, I myself joined the group!

 slimming_425_jul Scalewaist

I have always been fat, ever since I was born. But then everyone used to pull my cheeks and say “cho chweeeet”!! When I attained puberty, I was tagged “healthy”. I never bothered about my weight. I never cared about make-up, haircut, long nails, accessories or fashionable clothes. Having studied in a girls’ school for ten years, I never bothered about my looks. I was fat but in class X, I became a 76 kg baby elephant aka “Gaddu” (that’s what my girlfriends used to call me). But that was the happy part of the story.

Here’s the tragic part. No matter how less bothered you are about your fats, there are some things you cannot overlook. Only because I didn’t have an hour-glass or pear shaped figure, people drew a conclusion that I could not have a boyfriend. I could not dance. I was no good at sports. Whenever I went to visit relatives, they would start lectures on how I ought to stay away from sweets and have lemon with honey in the mornings!

Father restricted me to salwars and kurtis and I didn’t wear a pair of jeans for over two years. These things, though extremely pity, hurt when repeated continuously over the years. At times I did vow on exercising regularly but it never happened. That “inspiration” was lacking!!

After class X, I got admitted to a co-ed school and that’s when life turned upside down. Because love happened and I lost 18 kgs. But I’m here, not to inspire you with my success story. I’m here to tell you HOW I did it because inspiration can only come from within. You will start working off your curbs only when YOU want to else, a hundred success stories will only be another read-and-forget story for u.

This is how I did it. I cancelled anything and everything fatty from my diet. I started off with drinking tea n coffee without sugar. I didn’t touch chocolates, pastries, ice creams, potatoes and burgers for over 6 months. The only thing I couldn’t leave was coke! 😛

Every night, for half an hour, I danced. I was a terrible dancer and I looked even more terrible jumping around with my huge body. So I would shut the doors and windows, turn up the volume of the music system and dance my heart out.

I chose dance and not exercise because exercise is so monotonous. But dance is fun with new Bolly beats releasing every week. Those 30 minutes were the best 30 minutes of the day. Because for that short while, I cared about nothing in the world, no problems, no worries, only pure pleasure. In fact, after one year of rigorous dance sessions, I’ve become a good dancer too!

Initially it took time to lose weight. After 2 months of dancing, I finally started getting visible results. Now here is one good thing about friends and relatives. They tell that you are fat, but they also notice when you are losing your weight.

I had great friends. They kept inspiring and I kept losing my weight. My size kept decreasing from XXL to XL to L and finally M! And boy! Only the ones who have experienced this know the joy it gives. The weighing machine became my mood-o-meter.

Today though I’m not size zero, I have slimmed down. It’s almost an achievement for me. Mum got the daughter who looked more like her and finally got rid of relatives telling her,” Your daughter isn’t as pretty as you were.” Now I see the 2 year old photographs and it’s hard to recognise the girl in them!

Happy ending you would say, right? But believe me the process wasn’t all too happy. Bearing so much of change in my lifestyle was almost a trauma. Ask a sweet-lover how he felt when he was tested diabetic. It is a similar feeling, just much worse.

So, if you are fat, and if you are lucky to have got that badly needed inspiration from somewhere, know that it’s going to be hard journey. But the destination is paradise.


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