-Mohor Roy Chattoraj

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Summer ’14.

Oh my God! It’s already here. Gah.

So the other day, I was out street shopping and looking up for tiny pretty things in the local market and I happened to come across some gorgeous pairs of gladiator sandals and all bright and colorful and oh-so-summerish flip-flops and I realized how awfully I’ll miss being at the beach this year. Blame it on the bitch called exams.

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However, keeping up with my around-the-year holiday spirit, I bought two of these beauties: a neon green pair of flips and another pair of brown boho sandals. Now here’s the deal: while one of them is strictly reserved for rough use and lazy days, the other, a hot favourite for its extremely versatile nature, can jazz up most of your outfits ranging from your favorite lacey summer dress to the good-to-go old pair of denims and Iron Man T-shirt( mine’s a Man of Steel though). That’s the coolest thing about bohemian stuffs. It tops in versatility without losing the ‘Baby, I’m original’ factor.


So lets talk a bit more about the hippie-chic phenomenon. Crazy prints, maxi dresses, lace tops, bold patterns, a bit of bling here and there, sequins, messy hair, danglers, baggy trousers, flare denims and god, it’s a long list! For this season, however, we’ll be a bit specific about the way we dress and not go all haywire dumping on ourselves everything that catches our fancy.


The shopaholic in you needs a hippie sling bag, boho feather T-strap flats, patterned headband, a fun print old school graphic tee, tribal print shorts/dresses and you’re all set to rock the show!

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 This summer unleash the crazy rebel in you sporting your cut-offs and those vintage off shoulders. Beaded chains, peace pendants, anklets and floral headbands complete the look giving it that final oomph factor. The messy braid and top knot are high this season and it never hurts to try something new. So, on your mark-get set-braid!


If Elizabeth Taylor is your style icon, needless to say, your closet will be the ideal kaftan sanctuary. Resurrect the fresh pastel hues this season and opt for beautifully embroidered kaftans in white, yellow, turquoise or their cousins in soft pink, blue or sea green. T-straps, hippie boots and even oxfords clinch the look neatly.

Ultimately, it’s just the comfort quotient that matters the most. Beating the heat, staying and looking fresh and taking good care of the skin is of utmost importance. The summer must haves include fedoras, round brim hats, a classic pair of Raybans and perhaps, a posh lace umbrella as your street-style statement piece. Quirky as it may sound, a nice umbrella can always act as the perfect head turner. Plus it keeps the harsh sunlight off your skin which gives it another set of thumbs-up.

ERGO TIP: Sunscreen lotions and aloe vera lip balms should find permanent place in your handbags. Don’t overdo your makeup. Sweat and perspiration, apart from ruining your make-up, makes your skin look greasy and oily. A good face-wash, toner and lotion should do the trick. Avoid liner on a daily basis. Kohl can be adopted as a good substitute and it comes in a wide range of colors, so you can never really get tired of experimenting.

Having said enough, it’s high time that you provide your wardrobe with a makeover that’s going leave you look both ravishing and elegant this season. It’s the time you finally treat yourself to the funky boho transformation that you had been craving for. Play with your hair, go gaga over color show, give in to your whims, wear beads and have that extra scoop of ice cream you always said no to keeping up with your strict diet schedule. After all, it’s the Summer o ’14, and once its here, you just cant disappoint it, or yourself for that matter. Spread the love and stay good. 



4 thoughts on “SUMMER AND THE CITY

  1. Free people..beautiful lace and beads and sequins so in season..also flare jeans from the 70’s is back into fashion 😉

  2. Umm … How about a polo tee and Bermudas? Just curious… I guess this wasn’t meant for people like me. Coz … I could definitely save the money spent on shopping and buy a few beautiful bottles of coke… Good idea right? A bottle of chilled coke would definitely be more refreshing than a pair of oh- so- summerish flip-flops..
    And btw … Just hoping that obscenities are a strict no- no out here… So the shopaholics should keep that in mind once you are done reading this. 🙂

  3. Well, surely!
    If gulping down a few bottles of coke is saving money, then surely I am wrong.
    If buying a clothing that can at least last for two years (in comparison to coke…which hardly lasts two minutes) is a wrong investment, then surely I am wrong.
    If buying a commodity of momentary utility comes before to buying sensible cum long-term utility providing objects, then surely, this article was not meant for you 🙂

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