-Srijeeta Saha



What can’t be cured must be endured. But does this prevail to every customs and norms of our society? Is this the right way if circumstances follow left? Is this the ultimate solution to the social pollution? Every morning after relishing my warm slumber, whenever I look into the newspaper, I get thoroughly flabbergasted. Flabbergasted to see the condition of my INCREDIBLE INDIA! A country with diverse glamour, prepossessing culture and the patent, preposterous crime. Crime as inevitable, as lethal and as “obscene as cancer” that slowly but steadily “beat and mar and waste” you.


Out of all these, I find FEMALE FOETICIDE to be the most irascible. I sometimes fail to discern, how tormenting a human soul can be to commit such mistakes that even if Hell Freezes Over they are not going to correct their wrongs.

Our rigid and flexible Constitution (which took 2 years, 11 months and 18 days to be formed) consider female foeticide to be a violation of law under Articles 14 and 21.


The saddest part is people do not ponder over the matter that the girls have not vanished overnight. Due to unremitting decades of unethical practice of sex determination, female foeticide has acquired mass genocide pro rata the NAZI. It is also poignant that the current figure is 927 girls for 1000 boys (according to UNICEF). In fact, sex selection abortion has grown into Rs. 1000 crore industry. The modern technological developments that allow mobile sex selection clinics to enter villages have doubled up this gruesome practice. According to the amendment of PCPNDT (Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques) Act, 1994 female foeticide violated woman’s soul to breed and injured our esteemed Constitution.


But my question is: have these amendments and laws brought about any amendment to the social thinking process? I mean how long do we girls have to endure such merciless rash treatment? Just think about that foetus, who even before seeing the Sun is drowned deep down the horizon. Just think how that aesthetic life is strangled and choked to the sea of death.


And you know something irksome? -These demons who commit such crime, traffic girls from South, thereby, augmenting the intensity of felony. In Haryana, you actually require some paranormal device to find a girl! They indulge in large-scale trafficking and is the breeding ground of it. After all, if you at all require a bride, why cause their premature deaths?


UzBIn a country like India, where you worship a thousand deities, by the very ipso facto why kill their children? (Sorry atheists). It is a total sham and precursor to many unfathomable social diseases. It is a product of feeble mind. It should be everyone’s bête noire.


You know, it is my firm belief that I need not offer suggestions to such drivel. It is in fact, useless to talk about any solution, because I believe criminals and we go cheek by jowl. It is we ourselves who make a mob and it is we who indirectly are a part of such raucous. Hence, we ourselves are the hoodlums.

Forsooth, youngsters; refrain from being highly jingoistic and be a little pragmatic in your approach to build a real egalitarian society. And the elders, I think it’s high time for you to be counseled. But definitely for your next birth choose a better brain!




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