-Srijeeta Saha


And then I remember how in the summers of spring,
When the garden blossomed with flowers and swing
How we had walked merrily down the aisle
And had vowed to, together walk a thousand mile
In the days of rain, of darkness and anguish
We got drenched in fear and made a wish
That may monsoons drain away all our grief
And present the bright sky, if even for brief
Then, in the autumn of despair when hopelessness begin
And leaves the heart of several trees unseen
To progress for a grayer winter of fog
That we delved into the blanket with races and hog
And yet to end this journey of love and solidarity
How we had waited for summers to tear down the anxiety
But the seasons of untold and unseen misery
Of human sorrows, emotions had begun the dreary
That love and love alone could conquer
Yet failed to keep up with its pace so stronger
That the deep ridges and valleys of endless gloom
Had snatched my soul and triggered the loom
And blood and guns of jealous rivals
Had instigated the tounges of twisted lies and all such drivels
And then in the bright morning of May
In the garden, on the swing when I laid down to sway
I had fathomed through your veins
Through your love and through your sense
I had fathomed the eloquence of this splendid day
Would somehow arouse and pave the way
To death and misery and all such loss
And revive the silence of the last soil and moss
But somehow my heart had fallen asleep
Or had swoon to look into your eyes so deep
How we were drunk to the tune of dance
To love, joy and life with one more chance
How the flower had blossomed, how the Sun had smiled
How the ocean’s uproar had reached the ears of calm and wild
How the season’s gratitude had lit up life
And made me sing to the name of Porter’s wife
And then I realized that sweetest dreams had sourest end
When I opened my eyes and tried to blend
With those lies of truth, with those love of hate
For death and mockery and mankind’s fate
And now for twenty years of wait-
When I look from the swing at the gate
I remember how your pain drenched burn
In the battlefield of May had taken a turn
But when I look at the sky with furs all over
And the birds that return to the nest like a quiver
I notice the setting Sun across the sky of West
And man’s thirst for blood and all his quest
I know that every river ends in sea
All souls that deceives a man, out they flee
Every moment that ticks away the time
Ticks as well the moment of human sublime
Wet monsoons, Forlorn autumn and winters Dry
Darling engrossed in your reverie another day went by.



5 thoughts on “MR. PORTER’S WIFE

  1. “…I remember how your pain drenched burn
    In the battlefield of May had taken a turn…”
    best of Srijeeta – MR. PORTER’S WIFE
    loved it

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