-Varun Garg


It’s been around two weeks that we’ve shifted to Siliguri from Kolkata. However, it was quite easier to get a maid here, unlike Kolkata. Our maid has been here for around ten days, she is calm and simple. But, some days before, she asked me for one of my oldest worthless toys for her son. I annoyingly disagreed, even though, I knew it was something I do not need anymore. The lady could do nothing but accept the decision in disappointment. The very next day, I, while going to the market, saw a poor guy, flying a kite. That was my first real time when I saw a kite, because these are so uncommon in the city. I asked the driver ”Please stop the car for a while”, and went out to that slum dog. Firstly, I was hesitant but asked him “Would you let me fly the kite?”. He surprisingly at once allowed me to try it. Eventually, I started enjoying the moment. After some time, I asked him “Can you lend it to me for some days?” and delightfully, he nodded his approval. I asked him to meet me in the same place that over morrow. Perhaps, I did not go to see him on the decided date and lost it after some succeeding days. I did not want to meet him again, but, we meet again someday in the same place and I told him ”I couldn’t find you that day and, so now, I had lost his kite”. He said that it was fine and he offered “C’mon! Take another kite, a new one, of red and yellow”. I was astonished on his proposal to give me another one even when I lost it. I accepted it and went home. Not surprisingly, I lost the kite again and did not wish to dare to have any more conversations with him. But, sigh! I again met him around the same corner. Déjà vu! I did not know how to face him and suddenly, he asked me “You lost it again? No problem, take another one!”. I stood there as if no life flowed through me and replied, “No, I don’t want the kite, but I want the thing which enables you to give it to me every time”. All he did was smiled for a moment and said “The life of a mortal is short, of which, he spends his moments out of envy, hate and regret. The world id beautiful and needs people who can give and love”. I stood there, like before; flabbergasted and gaped at the boy; in a dilemma, unable to decide how to react. I went home thinking about it all along the way and thought-“How true his words were, no less than that of a Yogi. We all spend our times in fighting, desiring and hating, even when one day, we all end up the same”. He had something I couldn’t ever think of-‘The Art of Giving”. His words changed my perception forever and who are we to decide the rich and the poor, the powerful and the weak. One can only be rich and powerful by his thoughts and not material wealth. That slum boy taught me a lesson for life. It is indeed true-‘The World is Wonderful’!

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” –Walt Disney



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