-Akshay Sharma


What is it actually that dawns upon us when we so desperately need a shot of nicotine to relax our weary neurons that have been so damn stressed the whole day long?

Well its nothing other than a well-mixed combination of water, milk, sugar, cardemom, ginger and some divine leaves, “CHAYE”.
A small accident in China that made the tea leaves blow right into a pot of hot water has made its way to the world’s cheapest addiction.

The drink that breaks the whole night fast right when you open your eyes is by far the favourite drink of everyone.

YAAAAAWN<<<<“arre chaye kahan hai?”

“SLUURRPP”<<<<“aaaaaaah” πŸ™‚

And in India this AAAAH is well generated in different languages and amplitudes because of different modes of its preparation.

Somewhere it’s enriched with mint (by gawd chaye bou saras bani che :P), whereas sometimes there’s a tinge of black pepper and clove in the aroma.

And all this caters to a scrumptious and relieving morning experience and many a times mid-day breaks as well. So is the magic of this ultimate addiction that remains constant whatsoever!img_1198s
India Troubled Tea imagess tea_20120109

The ultimate pleasure your taste buds attain is a better pleasure than the girl sleeping next to you can possibly give you early morning ;).

So what could be better than a drink that can possibly overpower a woman?
Aaaaaah.. CHAYE πŸ™‚ !!

Keep slurping…coz you just can’t stop



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