-Rwitu Ghosh


Or rather I was conversing with myself;
Spending with myself some minutes stolen from the busy hours.
I took a brief look around,
The trees; different sounds of birds and beetles surrounded me,
But yet I felt like I am left alone with myself,
And my shadow being forcefully dragged behind me.
I had shallow thoughts on life and living
All my life I have just existed; have I actually lived it?
I have parroted my alphabets; parroted my lessons,
Sometimes even parroted the ideologies of others.
I have tried to mimic many a times the Great Ones,
Walked on their trodden path,
Knowingly or unknowingly; I did it.
I have loved many a times,
Yet never got it reciprocated.
The struggles unwon, the words unspoken,
The dreams unspun, love unreciprocated,
Have driven me away from my own-self,
Or rather it was me driving myself away from reality.
I have won many things in my life yet left empty-handed.
But I know I can do nothing about the past,
I have to mend my present for my future.
On this solitary lane, I was walking
Or rather just conversing with myself…


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