We are ERGO- a team, looking forward to the upliftment and betterment of the society, the country and the world at large..

How do we plan to do it?
You’ll find that out soon.

Ever imagined a group of students working together to bring forth the ideas which their friends think about?
Probably, not!
But here we are!
All set and determined not to let anyone’s voice remain unheard.

We WILL do what we have to- bring about a CHANGE!
We WILL show to the world that if you are determined, all you need is the correct e-mail address.

After all, this is ERGO, baby.
A revolutionary- one of its kind!


8 thoughts on “HOME

    Down the way,
    I miss my friend
    Down the way ,
    where the nights are gay
    I miss my friend all over the day.

    I took a trip
    On a sailing ship
    And I missed my friend,
    in all my way
    But I am sad to say
    I am on my way

    I won’t be back for many a day , and
    I gonna miss my friend every day.

  2. LIFE!
    For any man u ask, life is work.
    A beggar says “Life is hard”.
    A businessman says “Life is money”.
    A soldier serving his country says “Life is patriotism”.
    A joker says “Life is funny”.
    But , for me…
    Life is still a mystery.

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